Aunt Carrie’s Famous Clam Cake Mix

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Now you can make your own clam cakes at home! Available in a
1 1/2 pound package with recipe instructions on the back.

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7 reviews for Aunt Carrie’s Famous Clam Cake Mix

  1. David Barrows

    At 10 yrs old, my Mother was part of the wait staff at Aunt Carries. Their son, Billy, and I played together riding a wagon down the sidewalk to the cellar area. At 14, I was hired as a dishwasher, short-order cook, clam-cake maker, bread maker and salad maker. Graduating from those tasks, I was given the responsibility of pre-cooking many items in the cellar are including lobster. That was 60 yrs ago. I have many fond memories of Bill, Gertrude and young Billy Foy. Although in Heaven now, I’m sure I’ll see them again while sitting around having a bowl of chowder, clamcakes, and lobster roll!


      Hi David! Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a sweet memory you had about my dad and grandparents. I love to hear these stories. It means a lot! I hope you and your family are all healthy and doing well. -Amy Foy

  2. John Traynor (verified owner)

    My family loved the clam cakes,as for me it reminded me of comming home from viet nam,I went and ate 3 dozzen clamcakes,,It’s the taste of home for me. Thank you

  3. Rita Brunetti

    Every time we stay on Great Island, we visit Aunt Carrie’s several times during that week. A fine place to bring our family and friends.

  4. Cathy Savage

    Love the food

  5. Judith hoitink

    Although I have lived in Ohio for more than 50 years I remember the 3 summers that I was a waitress at Aunt Carrie’s with fond memories.It was in the late 50’s . Gertrude was a hard taskmaster who on rainy days would sit and go over our receipt slips looking for mistakes in addition which we then had to reimburse her for and Bill was the softy. I earned $.25/hour plus tips. Little Billy was always there to “help”. Fried clams were my favorite next to clam cakes. Since I am now gluten intolerant I thought that I would not be able to eat either. By any chance is your clam cake mix gluten free? Thanks, Judy

  6. Kimberly

    I remember me and my parents coming there in the summer when will lived in Rhode Island

  7. Kathy

    Every summer when I was at Sand Hill Cove or Narragansett Beach trips to Aunt Carrie’s were a must. I wished I would have gotten her recipe before I moved to Virginia. Could I get a copy of her recipe?

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